COST is a safe short at 162

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  1. Chris Mac

    Chris Mac

    As you know, new all-time highs yesterday.
    As I said, zero interest to short this good stock.
    But is it a BUY now ? Of course not, buy pullback @160/170.
    Trading is simple if you don't fight the trend.

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  2. Waited to buy pullback

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  3. Tell me more how about simple trading is lmao. Buying pullbacks to 160/170 would have netted you a loss. Trading is simple, if you don't fight the trend ;)
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  4. Lololol.
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  5. Chris Mac

    Chris Mac

    Well, I said first that was uptrend and we could go to 200 with new highs => Correct.
    Then, I said i would buy retracement @160/170. Since then, stock felt sharply to 176 dollars
    I am not long until 170. Buying opportunity @160/170. Correct again.
    So, what is your point ? I don't get it.
    At least, try to find an example where I am really wrong ! Bad example here.
    By the way, I don't care being right or wrong!

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  6. The point is the weekly trend is clearly defined.... sell resistance and buy support. Did you look at the chart I've been posting? It doesn't take a Chris mac to read it. Buy 170 I dare you haha. You are a dingus.
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