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  1. Just curious as to what is a fair price to pay a coach for 1 month worth of teaching futures trading, via e-mail, mIRC, and phone...??

    I am being asked to pay $2500... is this acceptable?

    sounds a little high to me

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    Geesh, that seems high to me too. has a room for a fraction of that, not so much a teaching site but you will see a sucessful method in use and can follow along and ask all the questions you want.
  3. it depends on if he is any good. if he can prove a long term profitable record with actual trading records it could be the best 2500 you ever spent. most of these guys talk a good game but cant make money trading.
    why not try these two guys. they have a free trial. innercircle is up 100% plus this year already and he has a free room on mirc.
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    Hi Matt,

    That sounds fair, but you must look into how they will coach you. You should also inquire about ask also what type of training you will receive and if it will suit you. I took a few training sessions and did not find certain ones to helpful.

    The important part is what type of trader you wish to be before taking one. Http:// , course was ok, although they train their way or the highway. They were not to responsive to the questions I asked also. I thought the moderators were also somewhat snooty., don't waste your time with this. Seemed like a hit and run school. Heres study material, good luck at trading. Buyer Beware!

    Trading 4 years and successful, email me if you like and best of luck.

    Hope that helps
  5. yup, thats the problem. if the guy's for real (able to/does trade for a living) $2500 is prolly an OK price, provided the course is "learnable". the problem is 90% of these guys are frauds who cant trade their way out of a paper bag.
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  7. George Lane (Stochastics) is about $2,000.00 a week at his place.

  8. well, I inquired about it because I have been watching him post trades profitably for some time now, although I do not have an audited list of past trades ....

    He has created his own indicator, and emphatically insists that there is no such thing as a black box, but with his method you can learn to use this indicator combined with his strategy to become self sufficent within about 1 month. I also like that fact that he does not have unreal expectations when it comes to $$ that can be made......

    this is a copy of the e-mail I received from him

    I don`t have a fix charge, cause it depends how you want to be coached.
    There are many different possibilities. The only thing every coaching has in
    common, is that our goal is that you can trade 100% by yourself and
    understand fully what you are doing. For me its very important that you are
    100% willing to learn. I don't coach people who just want to try and see.
    Trading is business. It can be lots of fun, but only if you identify
    yourself with it.

    I charge every trader $2500 once to start out. This shows me that he is
    willing to learn and invest in learning how to trade sucessfully. It
    includes one month of full coaching and a full introduction into my trading
    system. Since you already know the contract sizes and margin you will
    probably be able to trade by yourself after 1 month. I sign an agreement
    with every trader, that the system will NOT be passed on or sold in any way.
    In the first month we will find a trading style which is most comfortable to
    you and you can decide on how you want to be coached in the future. We can
    phone after a trading day or talk about trades on the IRC. I always let the
    traders set the price what the coaching is worth after the first month,
    cause they know that it`s part of sucessful trading to be coach once in
    while and they all trade different sizes.
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    Check out the boys at and their Mentoring/Coaching program. May be more in your price range and well worth the time!

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