Cost Effective Charting

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by naifwonder, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. I have been looking through the software reviews section of this site, but I want to find a data vendor/charting platform in terms of best price and reliability. It seemed the best way to do so would be to ask on the forum. I am looking for a charting platform that supports the CBOT and CME exchanges.

    At this point, I am thinking about using NinjaTrader for charting (free) with OpenTick as my data vendor. Does anyone have any experience with OpenTick as far as real-time data goes and how reliable and fast they are, especially during high volume times? Any experience with their customer support?

    The goal here is to keep price low, and still maintain reliability. In a world where "we get what we pay for", this may be quite the challenge.

  3. I am already using TransAct as my broker, and I believe that they have the same data feed as Trade Navigator since they are both products of Cannon Trading. I would like to have a different data provider for my charts for redundancy purposes. Thank you for the recommendation though, Compulsive.