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  1. Father is a word describing source and love in one word. Son means an equal creation of a source not itself.

    If the source is All That Is, then the Son is also All That Is. The love that extends from the Father and the Son cannot be limited to masculine or feminine. There is neither male nor female in the Son.

    Father and Son are anthromorphed words describing Cause and Effect. This is important to note, because to confuse this leads to a confused existence.

    The video opens with a view of stars. Yes, it is a view of order emerging out of chaos. But this is not how the Father and the Son create. Each star is subject to death, and along with them, their orbiting satellites. But the Father and the Son create only the eternally living.

    So what is this cosmos?

    The stars represent an anti-universe...a "vinyard" planted outside the Kingdom of God. It has shallow roots and will be uprooted. It represents all that is not. It exists in belief only. Withdraw belief and it is gone. Both existence and belief are not natural to true creation.

    In the anti-universe, cause and effect are reversed and confused. It is a place where the cosmos turns on its maker, making itself the maker of its maker. After all, it is belief that holds the cosmos together. While you are unaware of this, cause and effect are reversed in your experience.

    So it is a nightmare.

    There is a tendency to make this cosmos sacred and holy. But really its not.

    Stars are superheated thought transformers conducting the actions of what appear to think.
  2. Everything in the "Conditioned" Universe has "duality" - it is a polar system and it is considered to be an illusion because of its temporal nature (entropy), a sort of a "mirror" of infinity (God) which is real. It is entirely possible that there is an alternate existence in infinity, but it is hard to fathom with our minds, what that existence could be like.
  3. "Mirror" is similar to the word "anti-universe". For all that is real, the anti-universe is an attempt to reflect the opposite.

    For example:

    Time is its substitute for eternity.
    Perception is its substitute for knowledge and certainty.
    Entropy its substitute for eternal life.
    Individuality its substitute for oneness.

    As opposite all that is real, the theme of polar opposites runs throughout the anti-universe. So it is a place opposite peace.

    The anti-universe has been "learned". It is conditional upon belief in it. As beliefs give rise to conditions, the conditions influence beliefs...and learning is simply a change of mind about conditions.

    Beliefs that give rise to the anti-universe might sound something like this example:

    "It is entirely possible that there is an alternate existence in infinity"

    If the Son of God were to say something like this, and believe it, he would experience the world you are experiencing. But it would be made-up. And when belief is withdrawn, it would vanish.

    The universe you perceive is an attempt to "fathom" with the mind such concepts as:

    "It is entirely possible that there is an alternate existence in infinity"

    It is hard to fathom. It is a school of hard knocks.

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