Corzine SUV Was Going 91 Miles Per Hour Before Crash

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  1. New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine's sport utility vehicle was traveling 91 miles per hour (146 kilometers per hour) in a 65-mph zone seconds before the car wreck last week that left him critically injured, state police said in a statement.

    The SUV, driven by a state trooper, was heading north with its emergency lights on in an effort to clear traffic ahead of it on the Garden State Parkway, the statement said.
  2. and when the asked the Trooper spokesperson why His Majesty wasn't wearing a seatbelt, the trooper responded in so many words he wouldn't.

    Another example of total arrogance exhibited by those w/ Wall St. ties. 91 mph in the front seat of a vehicle, and no seat belt.
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    the gov. should have been going faster :)

  4. He's lucky to be alive. He could have been sprawled out on that hood like a six point buck.
  5. No hedging required...
  6. It's sad for anyone to be in a situation like that.
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    It is sad for the trooper if Corzine had him going too fast.
  8. You have to say no to these assholes. I was pulled from duty when I was in the Army to check for bombs in a Cazerne that had military and German civilians. We were told, NOBODY goes thru w/o a check. This Major just pushed me out of the way, I stood in front of him, was polite but firm. He shoved me.

    I called it in, and they flamed his ass but good. They told us. The Trooper had to say, "we don't move till you buckle up. " That was his job.

    What a jerk not to wear a seatbelt.
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    MI5 and Prince Philip did it.
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