Corzine looks depressed

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by vincentvega, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. Is this journalist trying to tell us that he feels contrition?
    I bet he's been practicing that face for photographers ever since he was found out.
    Anyway fuck him, the only time I want to see the expression on that cunt's face is when his head is on a stick.
  2. jem


    hes depressed because Romney and Repubs might be winning and he knows his bundling cash for freedom from criminal liability might go away.
  3. Aok


    He's depressed because he finally figured what 4 years of lawyer bills will cost him til B.O. can pardon him on his last day in office.

    That and he has no one left to con to pay for it.
  4. clacy


    He should be thankful he's not hanging from a tree, IMO. Or at least thankful that there's not Republican in the WH right now.
  5. 2sorh


    is he the guy who stole customers' money without any conscience?

    he should room with Madoff who pretended to be making money for over 10 years while he was shamelessly stealing people's money.

    Where is SEC in these matters? Maybe SEC is full of the same kind of unconscienable people. Birds of the same feather.

    I bet there are many others who are stealing people's money right now.
  6. I was wondering this also
  7. haha..oh yeah, when I think 'enforcement of the financial industry' I think about the Republicans.../sarcasm