Corzine knew.

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  1. He'll still get off.

    Wall Street paid off Congress, and got to the rulebooks before you did.

    Having a smoking gun is not enough. Wall Street got laws passed so that you need smoking bazookas - all over the place.

    I've run across this in some of my own lawsuits against the securities industry.

    Scienter - this means you have to prove that what Corzine did was illegal, and that he knew it was illegal at the time that he did it, and that he intended to carry through with the illegal act.

    So, Corzine can say - "I never *intended* to commit illegal acts.

    Washington D.C. is the best justice that money can buy.

    Seen in stores - "Quality is remembered, long after price is forgotten". Wall street paid big, but the investment was well worth it.
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    How about posting an excerpt from the article so I don't have to register? It's a pain even if it is free.
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    Of course he knew. How could he not?


    He should be treated as a tainted criminal just as anyone else would. A license financial services rep. would be banned from ever working within the industry again. So should Corzine.

    His Integrity is lost.

    His name, word gone.
  5. well the CME's got to cover its ass of course and until the forensic accounting
    investigation's complete, 'just the facts please' won't enter testimony/evidence

    but the Euro bond trade was Corzine's wasn't it, so if client funds were being
    used to maintain that trade it should be easy to follow the steps from its initiation
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    the US is no longer a nation of laws. corzine is a big time democrat. who was on a short list to become secretary of the treasury, and a former partner of Goldman. they are exempt from laws.

    they tricked a generation of college students into borrowing large sums for their tuition and to become indentured serfs for the rest of their lives

    do you think corzine will have a problem creating a consulting firm?
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    Good pointsJC Bless.
    Many of the voters think he lost his integrity as a tax raiser NJ gov...Probably one reason they kicked him out of the gov job[elections], or maybe it was his favoring universal[gov] health care, or universal gun control.

    WSJ article today sure seems to read ''CME T Duffy testified that a CME auditor learned of the shift of funds , and Mr. Corzines knowledge of the move''

    Mr Corzine does have a healthy sense of humor;
    upon being introduced to man with an Italian name in the construction business the Senator said ''Oh you make cement shoes'':D

    Sounds like he did pretty good big bucks as a bond trader@ GS :cool:
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    I'm willing to bet Corzine didn't knew up to $500. Any takers?
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