Corzine didn't have a license either

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  1. antaram


    from the picture that place looks like dump, they would have to pay me to go there, i wonder if the kid is somehow connected or related to the club owners and this is a kind of promotion for them

    what a stupid child, no taste in women and clothing either

    forgot the name, but this reminds me of the young hedge fund manager that was paying 30,000 a day each for playboy playmates for just hanging out with him in vegas with no sex, also bought a house and a hummer for another 2, later was convicted of fraud, most of investor's money was lost trading, and the rest was stolen and spent like this
  2. Bison42


    Corzine looks pretty ordinary with out Goldman's support structure, doesn't he?
  3. Think I've seen this thread three times in the last several months.

    Corzine was a CTA and IB. The FSA is making a political statement.