Corzine," and my final answer is..."

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    J Ski

    "I don't know what happened to the money."

    This is an outrage.
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  4. It is so hard to know what to watch on TV today. This gong show or the gun running incident and subsequent coverup by the law enforcement agencies supplying the mexican drug lords with weapons.

    Makes me wonder what we don't know about now but will be on TV in the near future.
  5. Let me get this right. Obama has no problem saying policemen acted "stupidly" in a rather meaningless even that only affected his personal friend a few years ago.

    But when his #1 Wall St. fundraiser steals billions of dollars and it affects thousands, he's totally silent?

    Forget the hope. Just give me my change. Maybe it can be found in Obama's re-election campaign coffers.
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    I don't call them Dumbocrats for nothing!
  7. Does this really surprise all of you? The modern Wall Street is nothing but a two bit gambling casino whereby corporate socialism is the motto.

    Absolute fucking disgusting as WALL STREET and fucking idiots like Corzine destroy the Image of Capitalism.

    Fools like Corzine get Socialist like Obama re-elected, they cause fools to gather in the name of OWS.
  8. "Just because I'm a GS alum doesn't mean I can work miracles." :( :eek: :mad:
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    I guess now that he is no longer with GS he was doing the Devil's work, liberating greedy people from their money.
  10. Will either of these same excuses be used by the democrats after the election? Enquiring minds want to know!
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