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  1. Stock has 73% of the float sold short, about 22 million shares . . . 3.2 million traded yesterday and a mere 1.1 million traded the day before that.

    Stock is trading $8.50 today on a mere 1.1 million shares.

    Market makers spreads in the call options are so big that you can drive a "truck" through 'em. They obviously don't want to touch this one.

    Seems like the "squeeze" has still yet to begin in this name!

    Any thoughts?
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    CORS loan portfolio is levered to commercial real estate loans, condominium loans, conversion loans, and land development in Florida, California, Neveda.

    Commercial real estate is the next shoe to drop for financial institutions who made big bets. There's a reason why this small cap stock is heavily shorted!

    Stay away on the long side.
  3. Thanks for the insight!
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    I've been short this for over a year. Just added some puts today, since it's illegal to short it now.

    IMO they are worth $0. Funny how a reckless financier of the worst excesses of the real estate bubble has out-lasted FNM, FRE, LEH, BSC and MER!
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    .10 bid offered at .12 !!!!

  6. Yes, my thoughts are that you went underwater with this trade. The people who short stock are most usually right. They are a sophisticated bunch unlike wreckless longs like yourself which decide to buy a stock because it has so much of this or that.

    Do your your research...hope you didnt hold this all the way down to 10 pennies...
  7. You didn't do your homework on this thread at all. Maybe someday you will shutdown your paper trading account.