Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by FaderTrader, May 11, 2006.

  1. Part of my trading is intuiting correlations.

    Over the past few days (up until today) the DOW and S&P were behaving in an uncharacteristically uncorrelated fashion. The S&P was weak as the DOW was holding it's levels - mostly to due to the tech weighting of the S&P and the weakness in tech.

    Well, today's -140 on the DOW, I think, has brought things back into balance. Normally, I would anticipate negative momentum going into tomorrow's market. However, since I feel tech is due for a bounce, do you think that the DOW will follow the S&P tomorrow (5/12) and bounce with it?

  2. It's not like you have to decide what you will do tomorrow. Let the market tell it's story.
  3. I'm a daytrader, buddy. If the market opens down (which it's indicating), I need to decide if I want to trade or fade it.