Correlation between the quality of life and religion

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    Look at the HDI rank, which measures the quality of life in many countries

    Populations from top 20 countries except U.S. (#6), Ireland (#18) and Italy (#20) are the least religious in the world.
    Now take a look where Christianity is the most popular religion:
    Greece #23
    Portugal #28
    Argentina #34
    Hungary #36
    Uruguay #37
    Poland #38
    Mexico #51
    Brazil #69
    Ukraine #74

    United Arab Emirates #45
    Qatar #48
    Saudi Arabia #68
    Turkey #82
    Iran #90
    Algeria #100
    Egypt #105
    Pakistan #127

    What are your conclusions?
  2. My conclusions are that all religions suck, but some probably have worse side effects than others.

  3. My college roomate of five years (yes, 5) once said, "Religion can f&*k you up more than drugs." I tend to agree.

    That being said not all religous people are bad, in fact most are very agreeable. The ones to worry about: Islamic fundamentalists, Jewish fundamentalists, Christian fundamentalists, and just plain guys from Montana.
  4. rlb21079- How many just plain guys from Montana or any other western state except Calif. do you know well?
  5. The West's prosperity and score on this "HDI" has much more to do with the establishment of secular democracies and constant technological advances stemming the original scientific revolution.

    Conclusion: Christianity is much more flexible and accomodating in adapting itself to a changing society than Islam, around which these other cultures seem to revolve.

    How about comparing emotional depression among the different countries. I wonder what that result would be.
  6. I stole that from Carlin. Not my words. (The first part is mine though, and true)