Correlated futures pairs

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  1. Besides the below list, what are the most correlated futures pairs with decent volume and trend?

    Crude Oil / Natural Gas
    Soybeans / Soybean Meal
    Live Cattle / Feeder Cattle
    Dollar Index / CHF or EUR (negative correlation)
    S&P500 / NASDAQ100
  2. gold / silver is another example

    ps I do not think crude / nat gas is so highly correlated

    as crude / heating oil
  3. Thanks. Is there a correration table for futures? i remember i have seen one for FX.
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    grains, world interest rates, world stock indexes, energies
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    There IS zero correlation between "Crude Oil / Natural Gas"

    Many a trader and a firm has been crushed on this spread. I can attest to this first hand. This psuedo spread holds it relationship until a six sima event occurs like a hurricane and it explodes/implodes.

    Soymeal, Soyoil and soybeans are directly related like crude,gasoling and heating oil. Comparing them to natty.crude is erroneous.
  7. Thanks. How about Hog/Bellies? ...and FeederCattle/LiveCattle?

    Which instrument has best correlation with Eurodollars?
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    I have no clue and virtualy every financial instrument can be spread against euros
  9. the DEC issue of TASC has a review of a company

    that for a fee claims to have everything you are looking for

    good luck
  10. Just providing info.

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