Corrected New Poll: Harry! Revenez a nous!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by hypostomus, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. I have received numerous piteous and tearful PMs from wildly distressed ET members who know how close Harry and I are, beseeching me to use my good offices with him to persuade him to return to posting, post-haste. They note that he has not posted in two whole days. Their reasons for commissioning me to perform this public service vary from the cruel ("We have no one to flame!") to the nostalgic ("I was just fixin' to get ready to work myself up to beginnin' to maybe thinkin' about tryin' to make a stab at understandin' what he thought he meant in the original French, which I will charitably assume was lost in translation to English!").

    Baron informs me that advertisers are threatening to pull out, readership is down precipitously, and the very existence of ET is threatened.

    Harry! Revenez a nous! Nous vous respectons! Vous nous manquez! Moi, je promet de ne vous bruler pas, jamais encore! Votre ami, Jean-Michel.
  2. return ET to its former glory.
  3. I got the 2nd vote.
    Who's harry?
  4.'s life in paradise? What's your time difference from Noo Yawk, and how does getting up before you go to bed affect your trading?
  5. hypo,
    Life it self is paradise.:D
    Seeing as how I'm currently in the states, on the west coast, just 3 hours.
    We'er planning on heading back in about a year or so, when the little one is a bit older.

  6. ...sorry, I thought I remembered from our last correspondence that you were in the islands. Did we discuss how you trade? Too many bottles of cheap champagne between than and now. I'm in LA myself, an upscale migrant worker given the scarcity of jobs in Texas. Where are you and your family? I think it is so sad that only you and I have an opinion on Harry. I was very much hoping to embarrass him with overwhelmingly negative sentiment.
  7. hypostomus,
    I apologize if I misled you as to my where abouts.
    The truth of the matter is that I have very close ties to the islands
    ( wife and daughter are paulu citizens).
    We travel back and forth to keep in touch with her family.
    Currently we live in temporary housing in Portland OR.
    I'm trading NQ and still working on refinements to my strategy.
    I don't know a lot about harry, his writing style confuses me so I don't spend too much time with it.

  8. ...thanks. Any time you want to compare notes on our shared fetish (the NQ one, that is), please feel free to PM me. I guess not a lot of people are missing Harry. In fact in a strange way I do, because he suggested some interesting parallels between trading and scientific/engineering/management practices. He writes quite elegantly in French but totally loses it in English. Very strange. Take care.