Corrected Moving Average

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  1. Can anybody explain a "corrected moving average" to me? I've seen some indicator code for it, but don't understand how it's constructed.

  2. qxr1011


    maybe displaced?
  3. jthma is a smoothed, weighted MA tool. I've used it in the past with positive results, it has merit but no different than simple or exponential values.

    Not part of my personal trading approach, but I know traders who use it alone or in conjunction with other filters effectively.
  4. Not sure if the following I learned is related to the issue/ question:

    "For each moving average, the important term is the middle one. A problem arises if the moving average is taken for an even number of terms. A simple solution is using Odd-numbered average. " :D
  5. I've always used even-number MA values without a hitch, so have 1,000s of other traders. Not sure what source you are referencing from (?)
  6. Not part of your method? The HMA is the basis of your type I trades. I know you removed the green/red and made it black, but its still there.

    Have your forgot the rules of your own system? or maybe you don't use it very often?
  7. Veddie, I personally trade the 15min chart alone. Many/most intraday traders cringe at the thought... it's what works for me personally :>)
  8. Then what you peddle don't match what you trade.

    Caveat emptor
  9. Sure it does... if you like to trade the smaller charts. I like the bigger charts, personal preference.

    One of the more successful ER traders I know uses a 620 tick chart, hull ma and price patterns to make consistent money with. To each their own, right?
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