correct me if Im wrong?

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    Doesnt Chicago have one of the worst public school systems of any city in America?
  2. why do you ask?
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    Define "worst".
    Test scores, violence, pregnancies, drugs
    gangs, drop out rate, worn out heat and air systems...?

    Supposedly the HS I graduated from in 1979 had more reported pregnancies than any other HS in the south east.

    And NO none of them were mine.

    And yes that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  4. i dont thinkmost public schools in us challenge their students .

    kids need at least 3hrs (on avg) homework after school EACH night! minimum!

    eliminate 'multiple choice' too.. that format is for losers!

    asians are killing us in this respect :(
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    The defining moment in recent history for chicago schools came just last year when the black students boycotted for a day to protest their contention that white schools were getting better funding.

    They were getting better funding. Because the people that lived in the white school districts were paying more money in taxes for their schools.

    Black democrats contended that this was unfair. The money that the whites paid for their districts should be taken from them and given to the black school districts, they said.

    Sort of an effort to "spread the wealth around".
  6. Same CRAPOLA the DemoCraps clamored for regarding Affirmative Action Lending in home mortgages.... look at the mess THAT lead too...
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    I'm just curious. I've always heard that Chicago's public schools are terrible (bad enough that Obama wouldnt send his own girls to them), and he just named the head of the Chicago Public Schools as his choice for Sec. of Education. I have thought that so far he is making some decent nominations, not much by way of the changes he promised, but good nominees never the less. This one is kind of odd to me though.
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    Ok so I stand a little corrected. It's not the worst ranked public school system, but it does have the second highest drop out rate of any major urban district, with slightly less then half of its students getting a degree. Of those who do get a diploma though a good percentage will go on to college.
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