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    Because of data feed issues with NT 7, which I'm working to resolve, I'm forced to use NT 6.5 for now. What I need to do is get the correct session template for the chart for CL that corresponds to the NYMEX energy/metals ETH in NT 7. The one that's there in NT 6.5 now creates incorrect pivots. Just wondering how to set it up to match the correct session template for NYMEX energy/metals ETH that matches the template for NT 7. Thanks.
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    double clicks anywhere on your chart, adjust session begin/end time.
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    icon toolbar.....
    data series...
    session template.....
    change to 24/7

    that nt7
    very helpful at nt support
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    This is from the NT Support Forum.

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    Hi bce111,

    Thank you for your post.

    Within NinjaTrader 6.5 you can set the Session Times by right-clicking on the chart and then select Properties. In the properties please set the Session Begins time to 6:00 PM and the Session Ends time to 5:15 PM. This will set the times displayed in the chart for a day to be between those hours which is the same as the Session Template used in NinjaTrader 7.

    And my reply.
    Thanks for your reply but that didn't work. The PP in NT 7 is 94.69 and in NT 6.5 after doing what you said the PP is 95.86.
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    Likely there is a setting you have missed somewhere?

    Here is an image, NT 6.5 chart on left, NT7 chart on right, both using the Pivot indicators set to calculate from Intraday data. You will see the pivot calculations on both charts are identical at 94.69.
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    Thanks, Ray. I'll check again in a minute. What start and stop times do you have for the session in NT 6.5?
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    Here are the pivot settings.
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    And here are the properties. I live in California. BBIB.
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    Use the following settings. See image.
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