Corporation/LLC/ETC....Best Trading Vehicle for Taxes

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  1. I am wanting to look into trading from a Corp or LLC (or whatever) to get the tax advantages of more deductables rather than trading as an individual. (I already have a Subchapter S corp for part time work now.)

    Where is the best place to get info on the pros/cons and how best to approach this? Maybe someone has written a book on this?

    I appreciate your comments!

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    Greentradertax guy has a wealth of information on this site and on their own site.

    Take a look at :

  3. Check out GTT
    Some good info there even if you don't retain them, also
    look into the LLC/mini 401k plan, lets you deduct quite alot for a retirement plan.
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  5. Good Threads Guys....Thanks!!
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    You can deduct all your expenses on a Schedule C if you qualify for trader status. You don't need to form a separate entity.
  7. Would a prop firm work with you... or let you work if I make a LLC and do business through the LLC with the prop? Legally viable?

    Specifically, a question for God Bright... I mean Don Bright...

    "In Don We Trust"
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    Echo does not accept LLC partners. I believe Lynx or Andover will accept them.
  9. FinStat

    FinStat runs a solid organization. give it a look
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