Corporate Jets & Congress

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  1. Perhaps Congress should suggest the auto industry forgo "giving" and corporate jets.

    In 2005, GM and the GM Foundation contributed more than $61 million to charitable causes through cash contributions, in-kind donations, and participation in charity events. GM typically donates products, components, and other equipment to a variety of universities, colleges, vocational schools, secondary schools, and correctional institutions with automotive-service or engineering programs. GM also donates non-product equipment and real estate to selected non-profit charitable institutions in the communities in which we operate. In addition, the company participates in numerous charity events benefiting a diverse group of philanthropic causes and organizations. These contributions reach their target groups through the GM Foundation and GM corporate contributions.
  2. Mecro


    LOL at the fools being tricked by "philanthropy". None of these corporations or super rich give, there are always hidden motives & plans.

    GM donates equipment to create future customers dependent on its products. Just like Microsoft donating computers with its software stuffed to the max so that in a year or two, the same school districts are getting ripped off for "upgrades".

    But that's all child's play comparing to what the Gates foundation does.