Corporate Insiders Suddenly....

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    >>Consider the latest data, as compiled by the Vickers Weekly Insider Report, published by Argus Research. Vickers calculates a ratio of the number of shares sold by insiders to the number purchased. For all NYSE and AMEX issues in the week ending April 13, this ratio was 3.79, according to Vickers, down from 6.85 the previous week!!!!!
    Even more bullish is a similar ratio that is based on the dollar value of the insiders' transactions, as opposed to the number of shares bought or sold. This ratio dropped to 2.29 in the latest week, according to Vickers, down from 18.92 in the prior week and 23.62 in the week before that!!!!!!

    >>>> The engines are primed boys- all that is left is for you all to have some conviction to the upside. On the warfront we shall be pulling out soon I now think. The new plan will be to leave a 30,000 marine force for rapid deployment out in the desert (and to scare Iran) and to keep all the shady Private Warriors in place... as long as they get funded by Iraq or the CIA we will always have an ability to react in Iraq while allowing us the celebration and uplifting feeling that will come over us when we see our boys and girls come home to crying, waiting, loving arms... In that sort of scenario and with the corporate insiders signaling us that their stocks are about to go up... what more do you need.

    Yes Sorry Kramer your big " seasonality " call is going the way of your other famous calls- The tech rally that never was, the " gadget " rally you missed the new non tech rally which somehow includes Google & RIM...