Corporate Immigration Rant

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  1. We have a giant loop hole that needs to be fixed.

    US Corporate entities are afforded many of the liberties and freedoms our citizens enjoy. Corporations are rarely prosecuted in criminal matters and instead resort to civil settlements.

    US corporations lobby our politicians for tax breaks and special deals etc. This game has been played to new levels in recent times.

    The problem is ownership can simply be bought and transferred to a foreign interest with little regard.

    ie. A closely held subcontractor specializing in a military widget used by our prime defense contractors awarded a large multi-year contract under a Small Business set aside clause can become a Chinese Government owned venture under a contract sale.

    All of the attention has been on H1 Visas and illegal immigrants while we have a whole scheme setup to issue visa to investors:

    The E2 investor visa is a nonimmigrant visa that permits foreign investors and their employees to live and work in the United States. Entrepreneurs who invest in the United States by establishing a new business or purchasing an existing company may qualify for the E2 visa. Foreign corporations may also use the E2 visa to send employees to the United States through their US subsidiary company.

    If the investor is inside the US, he or she may apply to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS, formerly the Immigration and Naturalization Service) for a change of status, extension of stay, or change of employment. The E2 category does not require a petition for employment.

    Can an illegal mexican "Invest" in a lawn care business and qualify for an E2 visa and bring his entire family over as employees? If these nonimmigrant workers live here and have a child what is its status?

    Seems like many conflicts in policies exist where $$$ can buy you all of the benefits of Citizenship without any allegiance.
  2. Really, what do you expect when corporations run the country?

    Name one single president who stood up to the corporations in the past 25 years?

    Since the early 60's there has been one man with a voice who has consistently been right about the abuses of power by corporations...Ralph Nader.

    The ruling by the supreme court, Bush's court with a right wing slant, decided to grant the same rights as voters when it comes to contributions.

    The American people have allowed the usurping of more and more power by both government and corporations.

    So what happens? The corporations give money to both parties so they will make lots of noise and distract the voters away from their mischief.

  3. The best solution is to remove the Government as much as possible from influence over corporations. This will end lobbying.

    Look at ObamaCare and the ugly volume of waivers given to the insiders. With no Government involvement in health care no waivers
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  5. Unions were VIGOROUS AND LOUD supporters for Obamacare. But after the bill passed (jammed down peoples' throats in spite of protests) and union members found out how it would impact them, they hollered, "FUCK THIS.. I WANT OUT".

    What has America succumbed to?? :mad: :mad:

  6. What has America succumbed to ?

    If you took out your head from the sand , and the sand from your head , then you might find out.
  7. My point is any foreigner with $ can buy access into the United States.
    This person is able to work and enjoy our liberties and way of life without any allegiance or any liabilities.

    The corporate entity he owns and controls here can break all sorts of laws, he can be a tax evader and transfer all of the company's cash to his home country and leave with little recourse.

    US citizens are required to report all income world wide. These Investor Visa's allow him to bring over all of his foreign staff. Payroll them from their home company and we get zilch. No Payroll taxes, no income taxes... We have become an offshore tax haven for rich foreigners.