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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by trgovec, Jan 11, 2011.

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    I understand most corporate fx dealers are compensated with salary plus bonus and the bonus is based on a cut of P&L. Does anybody have an idea what is the typical percentage payout? I'm trying to investigate the competitiveness of a job offer I've been given.

  2. ?....As a rough guideline, atleast 10% of their gross profit. It will not be as generous as a "2 & 20" at a hedge fund. :cool:
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    Thanks nazzdack.

    Does a salary range of 50k-80k plus 8% of net P&L sound competitive? Net P&L being my gross profits less the expenses of the division, ie. trading commissions, technology fees (frankly they made it sound like any and all expenses incurred by the division would come off the top)

    While I understand deducting trading commissions because I would choose the counterparties I trade with, it doesn't sit well with me that expenses out of my control would be deducted from my profits. Or can I really challenge this point considering I'd be getting a salary?

    Are there any other corporate fx traders/dealers on ET that would like to share their experiences?

    I would appreciate any input.

  4. depends on your track record and level of experience. Base can go up to 250k for more experienced fx traders. 8% is more like the low end, if you have a track record to show then you should demand 10-12% and settle for 10. Just my 2 cents.