Corporate Bonds

Discussion in 'Trading' started by simpleton, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. Given so many stressed situations (autos/airlines/LBO's etc.) anyone here trading corporate bonds?
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    I do a lot professionally and at the moment I'm looking to get some exposure for my private account as well. I'm just looking for a broker who can offer them. (As far as I'm aware IB doesn't offer any non-us bonds (I use IB for my private stuff)

    Who do you use?
    (You can PM me as well)
  3. An alternative approach to playing high yield/corporate bonds is using closed-ended bond funds. Goto and e.g. search for "Corporate Debt" funds traded on the NYSE.
  4. Any of the major banks/brokers will let you trade corp bonds thru their PWM divisions. I use HSBC and IB for liquid stuff.

    I'm looking at Ford and some LBO'ed names that are trading not too far from potential recovery.