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    could anyone help me with the following: i've been looking for an corporate action (or ex-dividend)calendar for N-American stocks, and ideally all stocks around the world.
    i know a couple of free websites (thestreet, earnings) among others, and a few paid ones, but all have holes in their data and missing tickers. combining all of them gets you somewhere, but still not quite the accuracy i'm looking for. online brokers offer data to customers, but in my experience searchable by ticker, not by date, which make it useless for the purpose i need it for.

    i don't mind a paid solution, but all data vendors I contact only deal with "the big fish" (brokers, banks etc.). there must be some website out there that offers quality for a reasonable price and is also available to retail traders.

    if anyone has experience: any suggestion would be very much appreciated. thanks!
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    For comprenhensive CA data try Exchange Data - they have a web portal that you can pay for that can show all CA data for particular Markets. My understanding is that they will deal with individuals.

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    thanks a lot for the advice! i'll check them out..