Coronavirus 2020 and the fall of the CCP

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  1. Will the coronavirus take down the CCP? I think there is a possibility if the number of real deaths comes out. By my guess I think the number is at the very least 10 times higher - number of infected and number of deaths.

    And then this. (as with anything posted on Twitter, no idea if this video is recent)

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    This isn't their first pandemic you realize?
  3. Why are you guys on the left so oblivious to reality?

    Of course not, but there is no comparison. This is a very serious issue.
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    Just because conspiracy websites say so, it doesn't make it so. If you cons weren't so driven by fear, you'd understand
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  5. Comes from a new YouTube channel called Wuhan News. Of course as a socialist/communist sympathizer you truly believe everything the CCP puts out. lol

    This virus is not your regular flu virus.

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    You realize we're laughing at you and your "must be 10x higher" estimates?

    The CCP starved 40 million people to make backyard pot metal and the flu is going to bring them down you guys. Fucking conspiracy idiots I swear.
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  7. I disagree. The correct number should be 10 times higher, unless you are just too naive to believe the CCP.

    The internet didn't exist at the time of the Great Famine.
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    Yes, the number should be 10x higher because....

    If you don't believe my deranged estimates, you must be a sympathetic commie that believes a notoriously obscure government
  9. China is in real trouble. They seem to be isolating entire villages and then providing no medical care.

    Rnot is being estimated at around 3 and that is serious. Fatality rate is harder to gauge and the reliability of data released by China is questionable.

    I'm not normally given to wild speculation but I would not be surprised to see some countries ban all international flight entries. In the United States that decision is political... unfortunately.

    I had a doctor appointment yesterday, flu shot and checkup, and they gave me *one* mask to take home. One. There were people at the medical center wearing a mask and nitrile gloves and there isn't a single case in my state. Crazy.
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