Corona death rate in US worse than Iran's

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    brb, flying to Iran for better healthcare.
    Yes the numbers are early & misleading
    No I don't expect the numbers to remain the same, so this thread will become a critique of our healthcare response & infrastructure & how it compares to other countries.

    Yes I realize geography plays a giant role. For better or worse? Hard to say...sure it's more difficult to service people who are spread out & more difficult to contain....on the other hand, the transmissibility is lower.

    6/103 5.8%(USA) vs 77/2336 3.4%(Iran)

    S. Korea:
    28/5186 0.5%

  2. Keep monitoring the data. We know you are praying for more dead Americans as always, so a pandemic is a gift to you and your ilk.
  3. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    There are probably hundreds, if not thousands of people walking around with the virus already in the US, but are asymptomatic or have light flu-like symptoms and think they have the flu. Probably the same thing is true in Iran.

    Deaths are always reported. Infections aren't.
  4. It's funny how guys like you and Trump assume that others think like you do. And it only follows that the turd, Tsing Toad, like your post.
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    Tony Stark

    Iran and SK currently has better leaders than The US President
  6. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is how deranged the left is. I offer you no more proof than the above statement.

    No matter how much I disagreed with Obama's policies, I'd never have said he was worse than Iran or NK's leaders. There's just no comparison or justification for such an asinine statement. But draw a line in the sand on stupidity and there's always someone who will step over it.
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  8. 6 deaths versus 77?

    I like our chances here. the best doctors in Iran left sometime ago and work in the U.S. (so many Iranian specialists in this country).
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    Americans are sicker and older than Iranians.

    A little out of date but still younger.
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