Cornea Flat Panel Monitors?

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  1. Has anyone bought any of the Cornea monitors?

    We have found an OUTSTANDING deal on them at:

    17 inch MP-704

    400:1 contrast ratio

    Looks very shiek! :cool:

    3 year war. INCLUDING backlight


    $499 NOT COUNTING the $40 mail in rebate!!!!

    Please Advise! :confused:
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    50,000 hours backlight is great. Only problem is, where's the VESA mount holes? You can't mount this stacked vertically otherwise.
  3. Don't use multi panel displays...
    Only multiple computers.

    It looks great, I just want to make sure I'm not missing something!
  4. NKNY


    anyone know if the 17 inch MP704 model flat panel LCD from cornea have the standard vesa 4 hole screw in holes in the back...

    I found these at 499 a piece at ....

    I need to upgrade my screens because of eyestrain....I have been using 2 screens for about a year 1 lcd and one ctx and as soon as I lit up the other 3 (they were on vacation) last week I can honestly say that i feel blind at night and am squinting due to eyestrain... I wouldn't care but am moving and figured I might as wall mount them inorder to keep the desk space free..

    If not I would have to go with their 18 inch for 599.00 still not bad but I dont need another inch for 400 extra ... The LSC I hade is a samsung 17 inch and is the perfect size for me...

    Also how is the performance on these screens....


  5. these LCD's are getting less expensive by the Christmas you'll be able to get 18" er's for $ only problem is that everytime I go to look at them at the store...the displays look blurry compared to my SONY Trinitron 19"...but about the same as my 10year old 15" Gateway CrystalScan(don't laugh)...
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    Heres a silly question but nevertheless one I cannot seem to find the answer too.......are there any LCDS that rotate 180 degrees.....some rotate 90 but not 180..........I know some are wall mountable.....but I would like to be able to manually rotate it.........thanks
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    NKNY, I think I've seen them for cheaper. Try or (where I remembered it was cheaper).

    Uptick2K, when you look at monitors at the store, it really depends on how they are connected. Usually, the shop will use one computer with a 5-10 multiple analog spliter to display the same images to all those screens. Using that method, any screen will look crapy. You won't see how they actually can perform. Your video card will have an effect on how good your LCD's will look, if you're using analog. Not an issue with digital connections.

    Cartm, you can rotate any screen 180 degree provided they have accessable screws to unscrew (4 screws with Vesa mounts). All you need to do is manually unscrew, rotate 180, and screw it back to the base. If you get screens that can rotate, you can still do 90 degree. I have a Viewsonic 191 that can only rotate 90 counterclockwise. I had to unscrew do the 180, screw it back on, and manually rotate the screen clockwise. (yes you can do the rotate by software clockwise or counter, but the viewsonic had one side of the bezel that was fatter than the other).

    Having said all that, don't know about the Corneo, they do have good pricing. Excellent price on their plasma as well. Personally I have the viewsonic 191 and Samsung 191T. Samsung hands down (unless you use it for graphics, since when running digitally, you cannot hardware control contrast, temp, or color. Only brightness)
  8. Walked thru the local Sam's Club and the NEC Multisync 1720 Black are selling for $579 (17")....The Samsung 170S (17") are selling for $549...imo, these prices are as good as you can get aside from going thru E-Bay and dealing with the private sellers...No other retailer is close to that price on the NEC Multisync as far as I can tell...Most are still selling them for around $700...

    Prices are definitely dropping fast...
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    Thanks for the help....

    I ended up going with 4 black 18 inch cornea's to replace my ctx screens for 599 a piece. $400 more then the 17 inch I wanted but at least I know they have the wall mounts and for 18 inch , the price was pretty good...

    I don't know how I used to trade with my other screens, I guess I had gotten used to the eyestrain....

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