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  1. Major low in corn?
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  2. what about seasonality?

  3. Hmm..People eat corn all the time. But i am no corn expert. This is a continous contract.
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    Hello Paperboy: I am not current in following the grains this year but in NW Iowa and SW Minn they just finished a huge harvest. There are big piles of corn dumped in open areas in many places. One local paper had a picture of 425,000 bu of corn in just one pile. 200 bu per acre was reported by many and that's a record yield around there. If other parts of the corn belt had similar results and shipping thru New Orleans is slow, one might look for re-tests of a major low befor a rally? You might then have missed the absolute low but get in closer to a better rally point..
    Just my guess.. agpilot
  5. Yes, I too noticed this and went long last week, Corn dropped today . . . The first part of Jan historically has shown a nice rise. AM not completely sure what I may do now, either hold or take the $ and run.
  6. Hi all! Up fast with a gap. Should be some resistance there + the gap that pulls back the price.

    Yep we had a retest of the lows.

    Wish i had some corn here. So ... hungry
  7. I have been eyeballing Corn for a play, but not directional. I am thinking long straddle...probably 6 months out.

  8. Fascinating piece in my paper on those corn burning stoves. Used the same as we use wood here in New England. Seeing what's happened in soy/biodiesel and sugar/ethanol in other countries, I wonder if that could be commercially viable. No idea on how efficient a heat source it is though.

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    Quote: No idea on how efficient a heat source it is though.

    There was a story about those corn stoves in the Minneapolis Star & Tribune last Sunday. There is a company just 40 miles SW of the metro that makes them. They are sold out well through next year and they are making them as fast as they can...
    One friend was telling me his married kid uses a corn stove in their middle class home and it averages half bushel a day. Since this is the northern edge of the corn belt, most places have corn at about $2+/bu. So a dollar a day here in Minnesota is a bargan since it can get well below zero often. The daily average temp swing here bottoms out at 2 above to about 22 above for an average mid Winter day. agpilot ...( who goes to Arizona often)

    Temps in F
  10. A coworker has a corn fed stove and he says it is great, it's cheap and heats the whole house. He lives in Michigan and it is icy cold here.

    I suspect farmers won't plant much corn next year because the price is low and farmers can't make much money selling corn. If there is a drought next summer then corn prices could go to $ 10 a bushel.
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