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    Just some guy. He has a journal with a couple of views somewhere around here.
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  2. I'm waiting for the corn report from Mr Beeks!
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    Mr. Beeks and the Dukes were all about FCOJ, not corn. I say bring back pork bellies! Everyone still loves bacon!
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    Fading B1 S2? The one who says the only edge is PRM?

    He disappeared hasn’t he? Did you make a killing fading him?
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  5. Pretty sharp analysis!
    Report: Iowa’s derecho crop losses increase by more than 50%
    AP - Sat Oct 10, 4:31PM UTC
    DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Crop loss estimates from a rare wind storm that slammed Iowa in August have increased by more than 50%, a new report shows.

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture said Friday that the number of crop acres that Iowa farmers are unable to harvest has grown to 850,000 (343,983 hectares) from estimates last month that 550,000 acres (222,577 hectares) were lost, The Des Moines Register reported .

    The storm, known as a derecho
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    See? It helps to have a "man on the street", as it were, like @vanzandt did there with corn. I used to know someone in my old training room who was a kinda' man on street with oil rig activity in Texas, and he would get a sense of how CL would do based on rig activity he witnessed as he drove around. It was uncanny.

    From today's cow blurb...
    Grain Futures. Corn futures staged a large rally in the past week taking prices to season highs. Corn moved over the $4 mark before settling back in trading on Monday. USDA reduced corn acres by another million acres after modifying ending stocks downward in a previous report. Expectations are still for a large crop, but the momentum is moving prices higher. Hot dry weather will cause the harvest to move fast and spot prices are falling as farmers cash in on the recent rise in prices. Offers are more normalized for OND corn at 60-70 over the December board in Guymon, Oklahoma. Corn is now pricing into ration at $8.00 cwt. in the Oklahoma Panhandle.

    The purchase of corn by the Chinese is not the complete story. During the early days of the virus and energy market crash, much of the ethanol production moved into shut down mode. DDGs, the derivative livestock feed, had to be replaced with corn in livestock rations. The replacement of DDGs with corn helped lower the stocks in the most recent USDA report. It also has lent support to the high basis being reported across the plains..."
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  7. What about SOYB ETF? I bought ETFs ib Corn and Soy when Mr. V shared his insights.
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    I don't know ETFs, and what a Soybean or corn ETF is... Thought we were talking about corn futures here.
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  9. Nice. My ZC, ZS and ZW positions are all showing a handsome (unrealized) profit.
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