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    On the road today.

    Do with this what you want. Those things are 5 feet tops.
    Its not supposed to look like this.


    Tbh... they were 4 feet. One pic, but it was like this everywhere.

    I look. Never traded the stuff though.

    This stuff went without water. It should be way taller and way greener.
    We're in Sept.
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  2. vanzandt


    This was obviously taller, but if it was my cup of tea, I'd look at the actual corn. Like peel it back.


    I dunno. But I saw some anemic corn fwiw.

    Global warming I guess.
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    What state were you in when you took the pic?
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    OIC. Well, @TraDaToR is/was specializing in ags, but haven't seen him around for months...Hopefully he'll get some ideas from your man-on-the-street reporting. Hehe
  6. vanzandt


    Who knows...
    Does it even move enough to trade?
    Its friggin corn.
    I'll stick with FANG.
    And fading B1 on the ES.
  7. Overnight


    ZC has been pushing about 200K contracts daily. That's certainly liquid enough.
  8. bone

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    Unless Samoa is a small town in Illinois...

    The CME contract had a nice move up in August, but it's off this week. It's possible that the less than stellar corn crop coming out of China had something to do with it but IDK I drink my corn from a jar.
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  9. Another poster warning about what the “Remote Viewers” are seeing for the future might be a clue whether to go long corn? If we see seven fat cows eaten by seven skinny ones watch out! The fat corn eaten by the sick ones in your photo. Pharaoh’s dream.
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    What's B1?
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