Corn vs. Soybeans trading

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  1. Hello,

    for anyone who has any experience, what do you think the advantages of Corn vs. Soybean trading are for intraday trading?

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    We day trade soybeans and even beyond day session, Corn doesn't test out well enough for what I require. But I do good deal of trading longer term in Corn using about the same risk as a day trade. Now systems of 60 minute or longer on Corn is different story as those trades are more for swinging of 2-4 days or even into a long term trade if market moves enough.
  3. I agree, between the 2 markets, I will choose Soybeans every time. Provides more fluid moves for my trading style, but to each their own - track both (and wheat while at it) and see what you like.
  4. It's always struck me that thetre is a big "pit edge" in the grains that makes short term (not scalping but intraday) difficult for the guy sending his orders in from off the floor by way of the net.

    I've never traded grains so I have no idea if this is reality.
  5. Compare intraday moves of ZS vs ES and you may be surprised. Same tick value so very easy comparison.

    As for sending orders, you can use the same dom you use for the ES as the ZS.

  6. I understand that beans move and that order are executed the same way. My question relates to the fact that it is still a pit traded product and the common wisdom at one time was that "paper" was a bit mangled in execution at the BOT.

    I just wondered if that perception continued on electronic orders. Thanks for replying.

  7. once they switched settlement to the screen last year in the CBOT ags, there is almost no volume in the pit anymore (there wasn't much even when it was still a pit settled contract). I haven't looked but they probably trade more spooz in the pit than beans or corn.
  9. Thanks. I take it by your SN that you use JTrader with Rithmic data to execute? I've used it in the past and love the feed. It's the most reliable I've used.

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