Corn Limit Down

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by MoneyMatthew, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. So how much would have been lost on today's limit down move that happened within just 2 minutes? About $11K per contract would have been lost on a long position right?
  2. $50 per handle. May is trading at 677.50 outside the limit (down $2800-2900/car at ~677)
  3. just21


    What is the news?
  4. Where are you seeing this? My broker has it quoted as limit down at -40 handles so only 2k per contract?
  5. The options continue to trade. The May synthetic is trading (or was last I looked) at 677 1/2. If your broker doesn't know this, and he's charging you for service beyond execution, then you need a new broker.
  6. Largest crop since 1936. Way too much supply. Lol now if only we could figure out how much would have been lost on the move today.

    Right at 11am central time it went from 7.2850 to 6.9525 on contract ZCK3
  7. Yeah roughly $2K per contract made or lost right.
  8. I hope you're not trading this contract if you can't calc the loss at limit.
  9. BTW, it's planting estimates, not actual crop data.