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  1. Too many snow flakes in the corn fields? Corn seems to have diverged from gold/ dollar/ market trends of late. Who's a resident expert here?
  2. 1) Corn can "correlate" some of the time but not all of the time to other markets.
    2) If the economy weakens, grains should weaken also.
    3) Grains may continue to decline from South American harvest pressure.
    4) Grains may find support in the Spring if the planting weather in the US gets "goofy".
    5) There may be a "mentality" of planting more acres if grain prices are expected to decline. We'll see. :cool:
  3. what does snow have to do with corn?
  4. I used to grow corn (and other ag products) and I must say I have never plowed or planted a snow covered field.
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  6. No, but with as early as we are planting these days, you have to still worry about snow AFTER you plant!
  7. I remember watching CNBC last year when they were talking about American farmers planting in South America. I guess we're seeing that in current prices as they must be harvesting now (our harvest dates plus or minus 6 months). Hence also what looked like a strong negative open interest on the March contract (must have been them selling into it).

    Thanks for all the info.
  8. i suppose the argument could be made that lots of snow could be bearish for corn.
    the thought process would go like this. melted snow is the best moisture so lots of snow could create bumper crop conditions thereby driving down the price.
  9. The snow has to be gone to plow and plant and too much snow can mean too much mud meaning tractors can't work the fields. Yes there is a perfect amount of snow with the perfect timing, and snow after planting can work too. The sustained cold weather and feet after feet of snow this year are what I was referring to. Thanks for your valid perspective.
  10. I used to plug the gold/corn/oil into renko-ninja system a few years back. it gave my mainframe a heart attack but came up with some good info. it really helped get things lined up when spring time came. Some amazing correlations when you plug it all into a renko system.

    Maybe they should just water the field with some anti-freeze one night and then plant the next morning.
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