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  1. in what form ? dried corn kernel ? or like corns on cob we see in supermarket.
    i was quoted for 295 per metric ton CNF taiwan for some corn hogs feed
    is it reasonable ?
  2. Corn on the cob, butter and salt is extra.
  3. gov


    You should have somewhere at the exchange where the commodity is traded, a specification of what the physical good is. In physicals it will be a range of quality defined that all count as the same thing, usually delivered to a specific place.
  4. Jiffy-Popped, unless I'm mistaken...
  5. If it is feed it might be just the kernals. Is that a CNF rate to Taiwan? Bulk Carriers are sometimes more expensive than containerized cargo since the bulk tansk need to be clean before loading Ag prdocuts. It changes slightly if the feed is bagged and loaded on pallets. If it is a liner service, which is less common for bulk cargoes, then you could look up freight rates on line to compare. Most likely this is not a liner service for bulk and you get the market rate but hard to say in a vaccuum if $295/MT is high or not. If my memory is correct a metric ton is 1000 pounds so you are being quoted at $0.29 a pound. That may be high if the feed per pound price is low as well. Look at it as a percentage of the cost of the feed to see how much freight you are paying.

    Were you quoted by a shipping line or a freight forwarder since they have their mark up thrown in?
  6. The specs are listed on the website.
  7. Read the contract from the exchange where you bought or sold it. They all spell out quite plainly the terms of delivery. Very simple.
  8. 1 metric ton = 2205 lbs

  9. yeah i knew that and somehow slipped into Moron-ville of English tons. Sorry about the confusion.