Corn Crash!

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by simpleton, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. This is it, corn has topped.
    Back in '96 corn spiked up on weather hit a hi of 550 mid July and came crashing down below 300 by October.
  2. Your name says it all my friend, lol just kidding. If you feel like picking nickles up off a train track go for it!
  3. LT701


    maybe it's topped and maybe it's not

    but a heck of a lot of corn just got ruined by the flooding
  4. These aren't nickles! Big bucks to be made short corn now haha
  5. Everyone knows the weather story by now. Thats yesterday's news and you would need to see a horrendous crop report to see a further uptick in prices. This is the way markets work!
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    'simpleton', this is one of the few cases where a regular guy can see what the 'top guys' can see, just as fast as they can see it

    the bottom line is, how long and how much is that corn standing in water? that's not 'yesterday's news', it's today's news and it will be tomorrow's news

    and that's not something anybody really knew, until this week, and they still dont know it now. no matter what anybody tells you - it's not 'inside information' that slowly gets out

    there is a sh-tload of corn under water - i've never seen anything like it - it recedes, then fills back up again

    you're full of crap if you think the traders are ahead of people observing the fields
  7. dec corn will hit 8.23 thats my prediction.
  8. I appreciate the amount of destruction thats happened due to the flooding BUT a worst case scenario has already been priced in. Don't be scared, get on the gravy train!
  9. I agree that the sit. isn't as dire as many would believe (july/dec at full carry) But you never know. Good luck to ya

  10. whats your opinion regarding how high corn will go?

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