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  1. The way corn bounced back from that market order makes me wonder whether it was an error.
    Any thoughts, stories?
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    6000 stops
  3. Yeah that was retarded.

    Anybody know whats up with the 500 lot bids that keep poppin up in some of the wheat contracts lately?
  4. In reality, it's probably greasy eggs, greasy potatoes and greasy meat at the Ceres Cafe'. :cool:
  5. that huge "spoof" in wheaties

    spoke to the "boys" the other day about this

    seems that they have

    no way to stop it
    my understanding of it is that
    whether its bid / offer for

    1 / 10 / 100 / 1000 / 1000000000

    and then a few milliseconds later

    "poof" no bid or back to one car

    its treated with kid gloves like as if it was a small spec
    doing only one lots at a time in and out on the DOM

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    understand 800 cts order to sell at mkt was fat fingered to read 8000 cts at mkt. My quick math says culprit is about $3 mil poorer going into 2010.

    I'm still buying CZ0 and selling SX0......easy money
  7. -At 12-Noon:
    One trader says there is still a lot of talk on the floor about a big difference in the corn price this morning between the floor and the screen. Here is his explanation of the buzz on the floor:
    There are various stories going around about the big split between the electronic and pit Mar corn markets this am. Most say a very large order was entered electronically for between 3,000-8,000 contracts to sell Mar corn, supposedly on a sell stop. Some say this was only supposed to be an order for 300-800 contracts and by mistake another 0 was added. If that were the case, one would think the CME would void the trade, as they have done on previous occasions of that type. No trades were voided this morning so perhaps the order really was supposed to be that large. -

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