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    Anybody have a idea on where the grains market will trade this summer...Can we get $5.00 corn or $12.50 beans?
  2. Depends on the weather.....
  3. Pabst is definitely right, look at the bean spreads my god. There are some issues imo. Anybody that is interested in looking at a spread realtionship that is near historical highs check out corn:wtf:ats. Selling july corn can get tricky if there are any weather concerns.
  4. n/x beans gaining 10 cents a DAY, absolute insanity. n/z corn has moved 5 cents in 8 months!
  5. Old crop beans are king right now......$12.50 ? Maybe, like Pabst said weather, Argentina crop size and farmer/gov issues, Chinese consumption are all factors.

    $ 5 corn ? Possible, but in my opinion, unlikely.

    Short term, the trade seems too be, long the bean complex and short corn and wheat.
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    Buy Corn today above 4800 right when pits open amd enjoy the ride:D
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  8. I the only one looking to sell up at these levels?? oh well...they called me crazy for selling 7.50 corn last year too.

    Sold beans big off the pit open this morning....1184, short and looking for more.
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    Some good shorts there TradeX.

    and my longs blown up - oh well lets see how the day closes
  10. Selling n/z corn any chance I get.
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