Corn assignment question

Discussion in 'Options' started by JPope, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. JPope


    I had a short Dec corn 540P expire in the money yesterday as the settle was 538.25 on the futures. We then sold 1 dec future at the close for an offset, because I assumed we would be assigned, but last nights statement and today's platform don't show it yet...Any weekend warriors around?
  2. Who's your broker? They were probably notified late on Friday, whether their back office stuck around on a holiday to allocate is a different story. Call them Sunday night before the open.

    And never assume you're assigned based on settlement unless it's DITM. It's called an option for a reason, and if you routinely leave short options open into expiry to save a few ticks you'll eventually exercise your option to take it up the ass.
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    I'm the broker, it's for a customer. I talked to balancers this afternoon. The exchange sends out the final list on Saturday, so yea, as long as you're on the email list, you know for sure by the open tomorrow.
    You're right, the assignment isn't automatic in the grains, but very probable if it's 1c or more ITM. Thanks