Corelation between IYR and ICF ETFs

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by richk, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. richk


    Can somebody compare how relate IYR (Ishares DJ US Real Estate) to ICF (iShares Cohen & Steers Realty Majors). I thought they are related well each to other (they both have holding of practically the same R.Est. trusts).

    I am asking this because I noticed that today (12.09.2003) IYR gapped down but ICF not. What happened that ICF is not affected and IYR is ? :confused:

    Thank you for your ideas.
  2. Issue Symbol IYR
    Issue Name iShares Dow Jones US Real Estate
    Amount 1.219626
    Ex-dividend Date 09/12/2003
    Record Date 09/16/2003
    Payable Date 09/23/2003
  3. richk


    OK. That is it !!!
    Thank you.

    Btw: where did you find this info?