Core 2 Duos - Laptop vs Tower

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by kiwi_trader, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. I am starting to think about the next computer and thinking that some grunt would be cool.

    But I would also like portability if possible. My question: What's the comparison between laptops with core2duos and towers? And how does the ram compare? Any good reference sites?
  2. mokwit


    FYI there are a couple of multiple monitor adapters out there for laptops - one by digital tigers (uses matrox) and one by matrox (check compatibility). Pricey though USD1000 range. I went for tower last time after previously having a laptop because and industry "expert" said it was impossible to run 4 monitors from a laptop...............
  3. I read that vtbook have a multimonitor solution. Anyone have experience with their products?
  4. Tums


    FYI, the desktop CPU is different from the notebook CPU, although both of them are called Core 2 Duo.

    The notebook multi-head only support a limited machines. Be sure to check the spec before you go that route.
    p.s. check also the resolution of the supported the monitors. (You will be disappointed.)
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    I have a laptop with dual core -- the problem with the laptop is the resolution aint that great when using a second monitor.

    I just bought and finished building a Core 2 Duo tower -- I would recommend the desktop -- especially if you plan on driving more than 2 monitors.
  6. Get both...desktop and laptop and enjoy the benefits of such.

    It's what I did although I don't have something different (not a dual core) in my laptop.

    Yet, I plan on getting such soon after I donate my laptop to someone I know is in the need of one.

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    My solution to the problem was to buy an Intel dual core iMac with a 20"'s offered now with a 24" screen. These screens are wide enough to view 2 displays (or even 3 in the case of the new 24" cinema screen) at the same time. They are even (arguably) transportable because the works are contained within the 2.5 inch thick screen itself...pretty light weight and there is nothing to disconnect except the power plug. There are no wires connecting it all together. The wireless mouse and keyboard are fabulous. No more tower, no more clutter and it doesn't make a sound when operating. Also, forget about virus protection as it is not required and you will never have to defragment the hard drive again.

    This is my first Mac. It is the BEST computer I have ever owned. You really should check it out before you decide.
  8. Dell has some notebooks with VGA and DVI outputs allowing you to add 2 additional monitors for a total of three including the laptop screen.