core 2 duo and WINxP 64bit

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Beast84, Jun 25, 2007.

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    I heard that core 2 duo's are not compatible with XP pro 64bit.
    Is that true? I just ordered a WIN XP pro 64bit online and it should be here tommorow.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. That is not true... I've built many XP 64 bit systems based on core 2 duo... just make sure you get the 64 bit versions of all your drivers, tools etc together before you upgrade...
  3. Beast84


    Thanx Sax, which drivers are your talking about?
  4. everything...

    based on your questions, you should stick with 32bits. you will derive no benefit from 64bits besides headaches.

  5. depends on your system configuration (what is it by the way, manufacture, model, peripherals ?)

    some common devices you'll need to dig up 64 bit drivers for include on-board sound, video card, network card...

    feel free to message me directly if you don't want to spell it out here..
  6. Which is the best way to configure a dual boot PC with XP 32 bit and XP 64 bit so we can experience the benefits and the ..headaches?!
  7. Tums


    you will only experience headaches.
    absolutely no benefit to you if you don't know what headache is install for you.
  8. I received confirmation that with my hardware/osftware setup including peripherals and drivers there could be no particular issues.. also there are no 16 bit apps.

    I'm just looking for instructions to create a dual boot XP SP2 and X64 setup. I've used Partition Magic on the past...

    Any idea? :eek:
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    Bernard, why do you need a dual booting XP and x64 system for?

    I just built a kick ass new trading machine. I used XP pro 64 and I updated everything for my drivers and microsoft OS. I run my platform and charting system on it with three monitors. I have no problems at all. You don't need 32-bit XP it is crap. Stick with x64 only. Don't run your firewall and antivirus as long you don't use that computer to surf the net.
  10. I understand your position, but in case I need to run older 16 bit applications I would prefer to access to the 32 bit OS, too.
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