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    I saw the divergence you mention, combined with a trendline(from the morning lo) break on the 5 min right there at that S1 pivot and Trin recovering from lod got me short at 22.5 after the 2nd failure to penetrate that pivot to the upside. I covered 1/3 at 18 and the rest at 13. I also took the morning short position at 23.35 on the break lo of the 1st 30 mins. covered those at 20.25. Not a bad day at all. I think it was about 46 ES pts. on 6 lot.
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  2. You Snooze, You Lose...or, at least you don't gain:D

    Slept in to 9:00 Pacific (noon Eastern), still have the cold thing going:(

    S&P was at 938. Hmm, nice rally. Let's could today have been played? Had I been up I would have loved an opportunity to buy the pivot at 917. However, this scenario would not have presented itself unless the buy was made before the open. Setting a buy stop above the first 30m bar would have been a risky play due to the plethora of news items at 10:00, but it would have worked out fine today for the aggressive trader.

    Anyway, no trades today.

    I'm off to check out the new Bond film. See you Friday (or maybe Monday).
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