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    What Cannot be Copyrighted?Works in the public domain:
    Ideas are in the public domain.
    Facts are in the public domain.
    Words, names, slogans, or other short phrases also cannot be copyrighted. However, slogans, for example, can be protected by trademark law.
    Blank forms.
    Government works, which include:
    Judicial opinions.
    Public ordinances.
    Administrative rulings.
    Works created by federal government employees as part of their official responsibility.
    Works for which copyright wasn't obtained or copyright has expired (extremely rare!).

    I wish to promote another website on my site, by taking information from the other site (this must be public info surely) with print screens images etc, I am doing this with out the other site permission. There will be no downloads from my domain of the other sites products, and there will links back to the site in question.

    This must be legal in not in breach of any copyright, no matter if I have permission or not. Is this the case ??
  2. I was wondering the same thing
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    Simple the other website owner and let him/her know you wish to promote them and specifically say which specific info you wish to promote.

    In fact, make a dummy webpage of the webpage with the copied info and give them the link to it to ask for permission if such is acceptable.

    Yet, you mentioned something interesting...seems like the info you're copying is on the webpage that's an ecommerce (products being sold). If such, probably best to contact them because any search engines will pick up that fact if you're copying info. Simply, they'll easily find your webpage if you don't say anything.

    Something else, most ecommerce website have an affiliation program...if this other website has such...join it and that should allow you to do what you're suggesting you want to do.

  4. I agree with WRB, ask permission from the web site owners.

    At one time, certain web sites had interesting features which I thought would be perfect for mine, I contacted the owners and they gladly gave me permission. Most want to see your site make sure nothing inflammatory or porngraphic, political, etc. Linking to other sites have value, unlikely they'll turn you down.
  5. Everything published on the internet, even in these forums, is copyrighted by definition. Little of what you say above is correct.

    There are probably much better works, but this popped up on google: