Copy Tool? What is this?

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  1. Burton


    Sorry i am not so good in technologies.
    At first I want to say. I have spend the last months to compare reviews of signal providers. I made now a decision but have Problems to decide finally because of the technology.
    What is a Copy Tool? I saw this at . are trades making live through such tool or not?
  2. believe it's similar or is, an Expert Advisor available for MetaTrader 4 which is able to
    enter trades from a 'Trader MT4' to a 'Client's MT4'

    the advantage for the client is they don't have to wait for trading signals that are sent
    via email etc, perhaps when they're asleep or at work or out shopping, jogging etc
    nor does the client have to enter trades manually

    don't know how the 'connection' part works, but the client Has to leave their computer
    ON 24 hours a day to be sure of receiving any trade orders from the trader's computer

    not sure of all the +/- with such systems, what pops up is if I'm a client and my ISP
    or the electric power goes off - both of which have happened to me, will any trades
    that have been sent during my computer's downtime still be executed ?

    and I'll add: if you are the seller of the FSL product/s you should pay someone to
    provide a proper and grammatically correct English translation instead of relying on
    the crap Google translation you're currently using
    and what the hell's an 'Abozeit' ? ? ?