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    is it possible to do drive to drive copy on new, bigger HD from old one, where i have multiple partitions?
    just bought 400gb sata drive @ staples this friday and i have computer w 150gb HD , with 2 partitions(C,D), both having some data. Just curious, if i can transfer the data and recreate both partitions with same letters(C,D) on new drive

    Thank you!
  2. Yes.

    You could use acronis to image the two partitions and put them onto the new disk. You should then be able to adjust sizes as well.

    Beware of windows issue with monitoring to see if the partitions have changed when deciding whether or not to boot.
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    Thank you!
  4. download your HD manufacturer's setup utility, and put it onto a bootable cd. it should allow you to make a 1 to 1 mirror copy of the drive, than u can adjust the partition size later.
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    i spend half of the sunday trying to do just that. that is-from 9am to 3 pm.
    i follow every word in manual,but so far -i was unable to create even clean boot copy of C HD. the software it come with -Data Lifeguard Tools.
    the only a way i was able to start and install it-from windows. and off course, during the cloning process it's assign different letter for new HD. that lead to bunch of errors for all applications, located on C. same for rest of partitions.
  6. Bob, are your discs dynamic or basic?

    Also, did you try to use either Acronis or Paragon to do these tasks?
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    i'm about to :)
  8. I'm not a tech. I just went through hell because the guy who installed WIN XP Pro on my rig made my discs dynamic. Had to convert them to basic to resize partitions, make clones, etc.

    Just to let you know, I used Acronis TrueImage Server to create a backup of my C: drive, then created incremental backups for a few months. When I tried to restore from that backup (as an experiment) I got an error when I tried to boot the restored C: drive ('missing hal.dll').

    I then tried to make a clone using Paragon and it worked perfectly.

    Just FYI...
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