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  1. moo


    Copper is going to break out soon. When will IB have it available for trading?

    Are there any plans for an electronic contract, such as ZG for gold?
  2. Steve_IB

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    Not sure what you mean - ZG is already trading electronically on the CBOT.

    Copper is only traded on Nymex/Commex. I expect that the metals will follow the energies and be traded on Globex very soon (before year end). IB will then offer them. Lets hope we make it in time for your expected breakout!
  3. moo


    Thanks, that's very nice.

    Do you have more exact info yet?
    Will it be the same old contract (HG), or are they going to start a separate electronic one with a different symbol?
  4. BSD82


    Steve IB,

    Will IB be ready Dec 3rd for the Commex Metals to go eletronic?

  5. are the lows of friday going to hold next week or is the floor

    alot lower than 2.50 area ?
  6. Copper badly needed a pullback, there may be further downside. But it is a metal of high industrial use and even with slowdowns in China, it's not going anywhere. Factor in asset inflation, and I think copper will go back to an uptrend soon, although a slower and more steady one.
  7. I'm just impressed that an IB rep monitors threads that don't say "...IB sux, and they came over and kicked my dog too..." :p

    Good job IB guys, you are da best! :)

    Best to all. :cool:
  8. They ought to put as much effort into answering their phones with competent people as they do on damage control on this board.
  9. steve, any plans on offering more internationa equity trading capabilities?

    emerging markets to be more specific?
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    After looking at NYMEX and LME supply charts and copper's price chart it looked like copper was in a free fall but has since rallied.

    I'm a complete beginner when it comes to charts, but it looked like copper had support at 2.20. Do any of you think that 2.50 is psychological support?
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