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    Yes, the spreads on the COMEX have moved as well. Nice trend, but looks a lil parabolic.
  2. Take a look at the chart of Phelps Dodge (PD).

    Simply unreal!

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    Oh yeah thats right PD tracks copper.
  4. Up strong again today:

    $79.72 +$1.92
  5. Going to the moon again:

    $84.10 +$4.40
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    Amazing !!
  7. COPPER HITS $1.30 and PD at $84.00!!!
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    Waggie, I hope ur long.

    I'm just a spectator on this one....... as opposed to a speculator.

    But it's so true about correlations..This move is a reminder for me to always keep an eye on those relationships...

    Copper and PD

    Aluminum and AA

    Drug sector (multinational) & currency exposure.

  9. Silver and PAAS, SIL, SSRI ...
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