Copper vols

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by riskarb, May 2, 2006.

  1. Are unsustainable here at 55% for July. The premium will have to come in substantially or they'll need to mark the vols to 65-70%. Isn't going to happen. Sell strangles, overwrites [short fut x 3 of the 2sigma otm puts].
  2. looks like a high prob. vega play. I'm gaming the deltas here. otm bull calls. the short squeezaroo should play itself out in earnest over the next few weeks. [finger's crossed]:)
  3. Be careful. The delivery month is always bullish for the spot contract!
  4. Can someone with reliable data help me? My broker is showing jul 350 calls IV dropped 1000 bps, all other calls near the money are roughly 61.5%.

    incidentally, this is my short strike! should i close for a one day 90% gain? is this info correct? help please, thx.
  5. Wow...this contract is getting parabolic. Too bad the slippage and spreads are absolutely ridiculous. $4 bid $8 offered for a measly bull call spread. People would be calling bloody murder if this was an equity option.

    I wonder if there are any open positions in the copper pit?......Gee, I wonder if those guys make a decent living down there on the COMEX? :mad: