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    Looking to start a thread / chat / group for Copper Traders. Whether you are a newbie, a long term trader, a swing trader or a daytrader, let's start a resource for Copper Traders.
  2. I'm interested, I aslo trade GC but am looking for additional markets to trade. Front month appears to be March 2010

    heres my workspace: http://screencast.com/t/MDQyODA2YmM
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    We right here and we are going down with it as dollar reverses:D
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    Shagi - Thanks for that long term / monthly chart. It certainly shows that Copper MOVES ! ! ! . . . and that Copper is a Good Trader ! ! ! However, one has to acknowledge that Copper (as with most securities) has short-term & intermediate term swings (peaks & valleys), which in-of-themselves ARE TRADEABLE ! ! Each traders has to determine their own investment objective . . . but if I can realize a 10% - 20% - 30% ROI in a short term / intraday trade, I WILL TAKE IT EVERYTIME :)) . . . and do that everyday - because Copper has beautiful / tradeable intraday ranges (high / low) everyday !
  5. what is average daily volume in copper?

    EDIT: and daily range?
  6. I calculated the daily range and the average of that range over a 14 day period(blue line)
  7. thank you masterchanger for your replies, helps us noobs to the copper market a bit more.

    Looks like it has plenty of day trading volume, will have to keep an eye on it for now.
  8. I have not been trading copper this week, (busy week of no trading at all) but will start up again, likely next week..
    I think I'll try and post some of my trades in RT, If I dont get too busy during the day. I hope this thread keeps going and I dont expect an interest level near that of gold, but I agree that copper is a very tradable market. and I intend to trade it more frequently.
  9. Trendguy


    M/Changer, Thanks for that reply. Yes. . . Cooper has about 20,000 volume on the lead month - which is now March.
    Range: Often has 5-6 full cents range. A good goal is to take .0060 ($150) 3-4 times a day x 10 contracts = +/-$5,000. Using $1,000 margin = 50% ROI.
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