copper, platinum and palladium, where do you trade them?

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  1. which broker would you recommend to trade copper , platinum and palladium on COMEX? they should provide live quotes free of charge and charts (Nymex data fee is too expensive)

    Is there any other alternative to COMEX? LME?any chance these contracts go electronic in the near future ?
  2. I think the LME is already electronic. You can get a live price feed from esignal or CQG
  3. nobody trades copper and palladium ? so you mean I am not the only one having missed out on this huge rally ?

    I thought the rally was running out of steam, it's probably going much higher since no ETer is in yet!
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    I trade copper over the phone with my broker at Alaron. He will call the floor to place my orders and get my fills while I wait on the phone. Probably need to do a minimum of 5-10 cars per order to have most firms call the floor. I'd rather be trading them electronically but for now this is the easiest most efficient available way for me.
  5. Like JayS, I trade the COMEX (NYMEX) metals over the phone. I don't trade silver but I do trade copper, platinum, palladium (and also gold) this way. Average trade duration is two months or thereabouts.
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    I am interested in Gold on Nymex/Comex
    How much does the data fee on comex cost? The website is not so good....
    There are no more other live price feed?

    I need only the price data feed, the gold future (ZG) do i trade over IB on CBOT.

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    One questions has an answer: